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The dairy

The Dairy San Donato, Cooperative Association was founded in 1960.

The Dairy is situated next to the charming Parco del Mincio (a green area sorrounding the river Mincio) and the historic Santuario delle Grazie, a famous sanctum in the village of Castellucchio, next to the medieval city of Mantova.


The dairy production force is supported by the work of 9 cooperative associates of the sorrounding municipalities of Rodigo and Castellucchio. They provide 300,000 kg of milk every day, following the strict rules of production of the CONSORZIO DI TUTELA del Formaggio GRANO PADANA DOP (the italian consortium that controls the production of Grana Padano.)


Each year 10,000,000 kg of milk give about 17,000 wheels of Grana Padano DOP.

Dairy San Donato provides then the consortium of the dairies of Mantova (a 2 nd grade cooperative consortium) with the cream and most of the cheese produced. 


Dairy San Donato has 5 direct employees, who are coordinated by the experience of our master cheese maker Mr. Sergio Scita. 

In 2001 a new warehouse for the seasoning of the cheese has been built, allowing us to store up to 16,000 wheels of Grana Padano DOP . The warehouse is partially managed through automatic and robot systems.